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With FarmHouse Fresh, you'll find skincare products grown and crafted with delicious epicurean flair, using up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients, and chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms, including their own. Their proudly made in the U.S.A. Baskets, table top displays, even tote bags are all hand made in the U.S.A.
    • Front Porch Punch Shea Butter for body
    • $30.00
      96% Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free Our summery shea butter whip is now available in a tube! Scented with all the juiciness of season - strawberry, grapefruit, peach, mango and melon. One whiff and your mouth is watering! The supple butters and Vitamin-E packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin, without feeling greasy or...
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    • Marshmallow Melt Shea Butter for body
    • $30.00
      97% Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free This Shea butter whip is a tubeful of toasty pleasure! Scented with a marshmallowy light, all natural blend of tonka bean and sandalwood for a scent that is sophisticated yet delicious. Featured in Southern Living Magazine as a "sweet, creamy, zero calorie treat," this 2.4 oz travel tube fits perfectly in your purse...
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    • Marshmallow Melt All-purpose shea Butter Balm
    • $12.50
      99% Natural - NOT Vegan (has beeswax) - Gluten Free Prepare to melt! Pure Shea, cocoa and mango butters have been combined into a rich, solid, scrumptious all purpose balm that melts into skin on contact, nourishing dry, chapped hands, knees, knuckles - even lips! Featured in Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine for it's ability to 'sweet-talk your skin," this blend...
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    • Pudding Apeel Tapioca & rice active fruit glycolic mask
    • $22.00
      97% Natural - NOT Vegan (has honey & beeswax) - Gluten Free Are you ready for a tingling textural improvement? This gentle resurfacing mask helps slough away dead surface cells, revealing newer, smooth textured skin over time. All of this, with no abrasion needed! As we age, our cell turnover rate and natural exfoliation process slows down. Exfoliation removes dull-looking,...
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    • Front Porch Punch Soap
    • $11.50
      97% Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free Whipped-diddy-do! This creamy shea butter and lather-filled soap is 97% natural and 100% juicy -- fragranced with the summer's brightest mouthwatering fruits - strawberry, mango, melon and peach. The gentle vegetable formula makes it a favorite of those with sensitive skin. It's so whipped and creamy our customers like to shave with it!...
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    • Coconut Beach Hydrating Lip Balm
    • $15.00
      96% Natural - NOT Vegan (has beeswax) - Gluten Free Coconut fans- your chapped lips are in for a restorative and hydrating treat with our NEW decadent Coconut Beach Lip Balm. Ridiculously rich, scrumptiously creamy -- this long-wear formula lasts and lasts with just one application. Made with jojoba oil and Shea butters to promote healing and hydration. 96% natural,...
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    • Bright Eyed & Bushy-tailed 4-Piece Facial Care Set
    • $45.00
      85-98% Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free We bet our 5.8 ORAC score that you’ll love this facial regimen! This 4-step set includes Wine Down Overnight Super Antioxidant Recovery Serum that’s loaded with 5.8 times the antioxidants than a leading department store moisturizer (clinically tested and proven). It works while you sleep to reduce the look of dark circles under...
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